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Brennan’s Buddies was envisioned by our family when Brennan was in treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital, in Houston with Stage IV High Risk neuroblastoma. He was diagnosed April 8th 2011. He was 10 months old. Cindy and Blake received lots of support from family and friends, but also from complete strangers. It was great comfort to her hearing from parents that have been down this road. And the amount of people from around the world that heard about Brennan and prayed for his recovery. Also the comfort items that you don't think about when stuck in a hospital room for sometimes weeks at a time. And packages from other foundations and people from everywhere, toys and things for Brennan and his sister at holidays took a lot of stress from the family. Our goal with Brennan’s Buddies is to collect toys and make “care” packages for the kids and families in treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital oncology floor, but we’ve expanded that to send packages to families all over the USA. To let them know that no one fights alone. We had hoped to have Brennan be with us to bring these gifts, but sadly that was not meant to be. Brennan passed away April 25th 2012. So now it’s time to bring Brennan’s Buddies to life and remember our Brennan by helping others.

Brennan’s Buddies® is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. IRS identification number 45-5392880. Donations made to Brennan’s Buddies® are tax deductible in the U.S.


New un-wrapped toys

Crayons, coloring books, stickers

Food, gas, starbucks gift cards

( sucks)

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap,shampoo anything a family could need for an extended hosp. Stay. (Hosp. Only provides for the patient)

Toys and other items can be sent here or we can arrange a pick up if your local.

Brennan’s Buddies

1745 Glenview Dr.

Alvin, Texas 77511

Or you can send a donation here.

It will be used for gift items, and toys.

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We discovered during our May 29th delivery that we also need items for teen boys and girls. Anything a teen would like will be helpful.


Brennan’s Buddies® Mission:  A non-profit organization providing benevolent assistance to families of children coping with cancer as well as charitable giving to other non-profit organizations. Our focus now is the patients of Texas Children’s Hospital Oncology floor, and families in the local area and all across the nation.