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Rodney "Tough Guy" Kaufman is 2 years old and fighting a cancer called neuroblastoma. RJ was diagnosed at the age of 19 months old. Since his battle began he has undergone tumor biopsy, broviac placement, 2 bone marrow biopsies, stem cell collection, 6 cycles of chemotherapy, a 10 hour tumor resection,  numerous MRI's, CT scans, MIBG scans, and X-rays, broviac removal, central line placement & removal, and mediport placement. He has also had drain tubes placed for infections and a hole in his stomach after surgery. A second surgery 6 weeks later to fix the hole in his stomach, to take out his spleen, and clean out the infection, and biopsy the new tumor. All of this in just a 5 month time period. He has had many hospitalizations during all of his treatments and bumps throughout.


 RJ is home and he is happy to be here. RJ has started to decline fast and we may not have much time with him here on earth. He has fought a great fight and he is our HERO.

RJ’s story

 "With great sadness I need to let all of you know that RJ went to be with God last night and became a beautiful angel at 10:15pm with his mommy, and daddy and many family by his side. He fought to his very last breath and then some”

This should never have to happen and everyone can help. Support the children.  Not enough money is given to childhood cancer research by the major players, it’s up to us, the family and friends and kind people that want to see it end. There are lots of foundations that give to only childhood cancer research. Support them, support the families.  To me there is no greater pain than to see a child in pain from cancer and know  you cant make it go away now, but someday we can.

We love you RJ and are praying for you

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