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Hi.. My name is Kayleigh Justice. I am a little girl who was recently diagnosed with stage 4, high-risk, neuroblastoma. I was diagnosed on August 4, 2009, 5 months after my 3rd birthday. As of November 2010, I have been in remission. My latest scans were in July 2011 and STILL show no Evidence Of Diease. Our next scans are coming up in Novemeber of 2011, which will mark my 1 year out of treatment! Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support!

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Kayleigh’s story

March 18, 2009, I turned 3 years old. On the outside, I looked like any other healthy young child. A couple months later my family started noticing things changing with me. My eye started to swell up, but no one really knew what from. All my family knew was I had fallen outside on my NeeNee's porch.. So everyone thought that is what it was from. My eye kept getting worse and eventually turned into a black eye. I also started having shoulder pain.. That lasted a couple weeks and went away. I then started having random pains in my right hip, upper leg area.. It seemed to come and go at first.. But eventually got so bad I could barely walk.. My whole body would be twisted when I tried walking due to the pain in my leg. I also started losing my color.. I was looked more pale with each passing day. I stopped eating as much.. My appetite just kept decreasing until it was almost a battle just to get me to eat a few bites. My iron was low.. and at every doctor visit, my mommy noticed I had a high heart rate.. The doctors told her it was nothing to worry about..

My mommy took me to the hospital, urgent care, and my pediatrician about 20 times all together.. When she told them about my pain, and how I always wanted someone rubbing my leg, they told her I was just trying to be babied.. And that I was milking it.. When she asked about my heart rate.. They said it was normal.. When she asked about my black eye.. They kept saying it was soft tissue swelling from the fall and would go away..

They never did anything about it until 2 months later, which was August 3, 2009.

Finally they ordered a CT-Scan of my head and a pelvic x-ray that day.. My mommy had to leave class early and rush to the ER to meet me and NeeNee and Mamaw.. I had the tests done and we all waited anxiously out in the waiting room.. Finally they called my mommy to the desk.. My mommy says time seemed to freeze.. They told my mommy I might have cancer..

Most recent scans  11/12 are still ALL CLEAR!!