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Claudia’s story

Claudia’s Facebook

Claudia’s Fundrazar

Claudia is a 7 year old happy, little girl who lives at home with her mum, dad, two sisters and baby brother in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Early in June 2011, she suffered vomiting followed by a squint to her eye. She had several visits to her GP's followed by various trips to Lincoln County Hospital. She underwent numerous tests including a CT scan, an MRI scan, a Lumber Puncture, X rays and numerous other blood/urine tests etc for her parents to be told she was suffering Gastroenteritis and possibly an Upper Respiratory Infection. In fact, Claudia has an extremely rare brain tumor on her Pineal Gland (a PineoBlastoma) and the cancer has spread (metastatic) across the surface of her brain, into her Brain Stem and into her Spinal Column.

A lot of people come here to learn about Claudia. I’ve never met her and probably never will, she has been a “buddy” of ours since we made this site. I pray for her everyday, as we do for all the children with cancer. I get my information on Claudia from her Facebook page and like so many I’m anxiously waiting to hear more after her last update. Visit her Facebook page and let her know you think about her.  Also visit some of our other buddies and make your friends aware of childhood cancer. The children seem to be forgotten in every country.

                   More awareness means more funding.

Please pray for Claudia and her family. All of us with Brennan’s Buddies know all too well what they feel.  No  child or parent should have to go through this.

                  Make people aware and help make a change!

                                We love you Claudia

From Claudia’s Facebook 10/25/14

Claudia’s family needs our prayers!

Heaven gained a sweet Angel today!

“Claudia died peacefully in her sleep in the early hours of this morning. Despite her long illness, ultimately, her death is an incredible shock to all that know and love her. We urge everyone to treat our family with the grace and dignity that you yourselves would wish for, if you life has just been destroyed in an instant.

Please give us our privacy as we come to terms with Claudia's death and please give us our space to grieve. Thank you.”

Very sad news I don’t think anyone expected to see.

Claudia was loved by many across the world.

R.I.P. Sweet girl

In lieu of flowers the family ask you make a donation to their fundraiser

100% raised will go to The Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre.

Donations can also be made via text, if easier.

Simply text CBTR99£20 (eg. to donate £20) to 70070.

Thank you.

This money cannot help Claudia, it is far too late.

HOWEVER, it will help every other child, in this world, like Claudia, diagnosed every single day.